High Speed Internet

Connecting to the Internet

For wireless connections, ensure that your wireless is turned on, then use your wireless utility to locate and connect to the hotel’s network name “BWMarinaShores.” Proceed to sign-in.

If prompted for an “access code” or a “network key” in your browser or on your device, use the information provided to you by the front desk.

Recent software changes may prevent your device from reaching the login page. Open your web browser and visit our page www.guestlogin.net. You will be directed automatically to the login page.

Once you read and check the box “I accept the terms and conditions,” click "Access the Internet”.

You will then be redirected to the Hotel home page and allowed to use the Internet. Enjoy your stay and thanks for being our guest.

Trouble Connecting / Game & Media Devices

For any trouble connecting or if you are traveling with an Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Apple TV, or other media device and are having problems connecting, please call our support team:

24 Hour Technical Support - SRS Communications, Inc.


Disclaimer: Due to the lack of privacy of network communication over wireless internet technology. All wireless traffic is presumed to be insecure and susceptible to unauthorized examination. Best Western Plus Marina Shores will take every precaution to minimize the exposure and will proactively introduce new technologies when available. To secure and safeguard network traffic. However, due to the potential exposure inherent to wireless technology. Users should not use the wireless internet to access critical essential applications or transit sensitive material and information: Credit card information or social security numbers. Individuals assume full responsibility and accountability to their actions. Again, the hotel guest or individuals assume full responsibility and accountability for their actions.